Actions – Week of June 24, 2019

This month's focus - LGBTQA rights Pride celebrations can be deceiving - there is so much to celebrate, particularly in New York state with the legislation passed so far this year.  And yet - every day the news contains a story about transgender men and women being assaulted and murdered, people refused rights and services based on their gender, clear indications that there is still a LOT of work to do to ensure LGBTQA community members have the equality and rights we all deserve. We are ...

Weekly Actions – June 17, 2019

This month's focus - LGBTQA rights Saratoga had a fantastic turnout at our Pride Festival yesterday - and particular kudos to Saratoga Pride for all that they do year-round.  It's also great to see at a county and state level the recognition of June as Pride Month, and the support in our government for protecting the rights of all people in our communities. One of the speakers was our Assemblyperson, Carrie Woerner, who mentioned the couple legislative items under consideration this week i...

Actions – Week of June 10, 2019

This month's focus - LGBTQA rights We are in good legislative shape in New York State - with recent passage of GENDA and banning of conversion therapy, we continue to see that legislators in our state prioritize protection and equality for LGBTQA members of our communities. There are, however, continued federal efforts to reduce protections and rights, from restricting transgender individuals from participating in the military, to proposing restrictions on adoption and foster parents based on ...

Actions – Week of June 3, 2019

This month's focus - LGBTQA rights Pride Month is a wonderful celebration of our LGBTQA friends and family - and Saratoga Pride has a slew of events (check out their full listing on their facebook page here).  But before we focus on the celebration, take a little time to revisit the history of Pride, and how we got here. Read: More

Actions – Week of May 7, 2019

May's Focus - Gun Violence Prevention The data on gun violence in our country is appalling for 2019 alone: (Source: In New York, so far in 2019 we've seen legislative improvements, including the passing of the Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) law, strength...