Actions – Week of Jan 21, 2019

January's focus - Expand Voting Rights! This past week was exciting, with a comprehensive package of voting reforms passed in the New York State legislature.  We are looking forward to seeing the implementation of early voting, consolidation of federal and state primaries, pre-registration of 16 & 17 year olds, same day registration, and more!  Thank your representatives for helping move New York's voting laws into the 21st century! While our focus for January is voting ri...

Actions – Week of Jan 14, 2019

January's focus - Expand Voting Rights! The New York State Senate and Assembly leadership is making good on addressing voting rights legislation as a priority!  They are expected to pass legislation that will allow early voting, pre-registration for 16- and 17-year olds, and consolidation of state and federal primaries.  This is a great start to addressing all of the voting reforms needed in our state.
  • Join Let NY Vote in Albany - this was moved from ...

Actions – Week of Jan 7, 2019

For 2019, we're going to provide focused actions for each month - to allow a more extended and hopefully clear message to our legislators on the issues we find important.  Of course, as issues of the moment arise, we will continue to include additional actions each week where needed. January's focus - Expand Voting Rights! As the New York State Legislature starts up on January 9, we know that expanded Voting Rights in NY are at the top of their agenda.  We also saw HR 1 on the...

Actions – Week of Dec 17, 2018

New York State Legislative Sessions start on January 9 - before taking an end of year break, make a call to your State Senator and State Assembly member to remind them of your priorities for the coming year.  Some of the legislation we hope to see in 2019 includes: (and very much cribbed from the NYCLU's priorities)
  • Updating New York's old and outdated voting laws - address early voting, automatic registration, allow no-excuse absentee ballots.
  • Pass t...