This month’s focus – LGBTQA rights

Pride celebrations can be deceiving – there is so much to celebrate, particularly in New York state with the legislation passed so far this year.  And yet – every day the news contains a story about transgender men and women being assaulted and murdered, people refused rights and services based on their gender, clear indications that there is still a LOT of work to do to ensure LGBTQA community members have the equality and rights we all deserve.

We are also following the major humanitarian issues occurring with immigrants at our border: if basic needs like soap and toothpaste are being withheld, what protections for LGBTQA immigrations are being ignored or shoved aside?  Our government pays for foster programs for immigrant children that refuse to acknowledge non-cis gender identity.

When you call your legislators this week to demand they only fund DHS and HHS if there are assurances of humane care for all detained immigrants, as well as repercussions for ongoing inhumane conditions, also demand that equal and fair treatment for LGBTQA children and adults are addressed.

Congressman Paul Tonko, (202) 225-5076
Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, (202) 225-4611