This month’s focus – LGBTQA rights

Saratoga had a fantastic turnout at our Pride Festival yesterday – and particular kudos to Saratoga Pride for all that they do year-round.  It’s also great to see at a county and state level the recognition of June as Pride Month, and the support in our government for protecting the rights of all people in our communities.

One of the speakers was our Assemblyperson, Carrie Woerner, who mentioned the couple legislative items under consideration this week in New York.

Ban Gay and Trans Panic Defense (A02707/S0393): this bill prohibits using a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity as part of the defense in certain violent crimes.  It is abhorrent that we still allow this type of defense, so it’s important that we see this ended in NYS with the proposed legislation.

Gestational Surrogacy (A01071C/S02071-B): the bill will address current restrictions in surrogacy that uniquely affect same sex couples and will ensure clear identification of parental rights, among other protections for all involved parties.

We know Assemblyperson Woerner supports these bills – call and thank her!

These are not the only last pushes through the legislature we should support – no matter what bills you think important, call your representatives!

Assembly – Carrie Woerner – 518-584-5493
Senate – Daphne Jordan – 518-455-2381

Not your representatives?  Look them up here: Assembly or Senate

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