April’s focus – Criminal Justice Reform

There are a lot of serious considerations around the question of impeachment, but the basic technicality is the Congress has a constitutional responsibility to investigate and pursue impeachment.  Starting from that obligation, I ask this week that you:

1 – Take the time to read the redacted Mueller report (link here).  I admit, I haven’t started, but I plan to make the time this week.  Why should you read it when it seems like so many journalists and lawyers and politicians already have?   While I trust the opinion of many who have already read the report and spoken out, it’s important to form our own opinions of what is on the table.  This is a serious matter, there is evidence of both Russian interference in our elections, as well as U.S. citizens encouraging and/or aiding those endeavors.  It’s not just about the current president, it’s about finding out what more is happening that could impact future elections as well.

2 – At a MINIMUM: Contact your House representative to ask your representative to support efforts for the Judiciary Committee to have hearings on the contents of the Mueller report, take depositions, and issue subpoenas to determine if the Administration has violated the Foreign Emoluments clause, or if further criminal activity has occurred.  This is not asking for impeachment directly, but it is a completely reasonable and necessary set of steps given the information published in the Mueller report.

3 – If you’ve already read the report, or based on the many evaluations already presented, ask your representative to support impeachment proceedings.

No matter where you stand on the pros/cons of impeachement – we need to continue the conversation about what the behavior of both foreign and domestic actors means to the strength of our democracy.  Should we put aside constitutional obligations because it won’t change votes, because it will get in the way of other priorities in our country?

Contact your representatives:

Paul Tonko: (202) 225-5076
Elise Stefanik: (202) 225-4611