April’s focus – Criminal Justice Reform

Saratoga Springs added a much-needed Citizens Advisory Board in the past couple months.  Prompted by concerns of inconsistent answers from our city regarding the death of Daryl Mount, Jr., the board is a positive step forward to engage both city government and residents in discussing concerns over policing practices in Saratoga Springs.

That said, the Citizen’s Advisory Board is extremely limited in scope and impact, and we need to continue to press for a committee with more of the oversight suggested here.

In the meantime, all residents are welcome to attend the Citizen’s Advisory Board meetings – and in the first several sessions, attendance has been extremely low.  Do we want to see more transparency and accountability in our local government?  Show up and participate!  The next meeting is scheduled for April 18; if you’re in the city of Saratoga Springs, please make a plan to attend.

If you’re outside of the city of Saratoga Springs, what is the relationship of your police and the community?  What more can be done to ensure that there is strong engagement and dialogue between those who have signed up to protect and serve our communities?