Saratoga Unites’ Weekly Newsletter – January 21, 2019

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Workshop Announcement – Building a Nonviolent Direct Action Campaign

Saratoga Unites is hosting an amazing webinar workshop series with activist Eileen Flanagan! Saratoga Unites will cover a portion of the cost, so it will be $25 per person to join us for all 4 sessions.

Eileen Flanagan is a long-time activist and has turned to sharing her knowledge with others. While some of us have been engaged in progressive causes for years, many of us are newer to activism at this level.

Eileen offers a 4-week workshop to learn how to focus our energy, use successful tactics to engage people in an issue, and ultimately how to work towards success in addressing an issue. Learn about Eileen’s history and more about the course at her website:

Space is limited!  To register: contact Norah Brennan at

Cost: $25/person for all four sessions

Date/Time: Every Monday in January (7, 14, 21, 28), 7-9pm.

Location: TBD

Saratoga Unites Weekly Actions

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Our Mission

Saratoga Unites, Inc. is a community organization dedicated to uniting groups and individuals to uphold democratic values and advocate for equal rights, equal opportunity, a healthy environment, and a more peaceful world.

To accomplish its mission, Saratoga Unites:

  • Identifies and researches current issues impacting our community;
  • Creates forums to educate adults and children who will be tomorrow’s leaders;
  • Prepares and disseminates research and position papers to elected officials, community decision makers, universities, and the public; and
  • Inspires debate on issues by encouraging new perspectives and collaborations with OUR LOCAL, STATE & NATIONAL AGENDA.
Saratoga Unites, Inc. is part of a new generation of activist organizations that addresses the interconnected nature of today’s policy challenges.
We strive to educate the public and advocate for social change where human rights are first and foremost, in all arenas, including where populations are being manipulated by distorted information on matters affecting their livelihoods and health and well-being.